Quadra-Fire 5700 Step-Top

Product Description

With an attractive step top design, this range delivers high efficiency and low emissions plus a maximum burn time of up to 21 hours. Combined with Quadrafire exclusive Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) Technology, precision air flow management is delivered for longer, cleaner and more efficient burns.

There are various options of pedestal or legs and has different door options and an ash removal system.


The features of the 5700 include:

  • Up to 21 hours of burn time
  • Heating capacity of up to 370 m2
  • Average efficiency of 65%
  • Peak efficiency of 73%
  • Emissions of 1.5gms/kg
  • Durable steel construction for an exceptionally long firebox life
  • Convenient ash removal system
  • Pedestal base with ash removal system
  • Black, Nickel or Gold Legs with ash removal system
  • Back, Nickel, or Gold door arched


Automatic Combustion Control

Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) is an advanced heat-management technology from Quadra-Fire. ACC feeds the fire with air when it’s needed most – for precision start-up and consistent, extended burns.

Our exclusive Automatic Combustion Control system turns you into a professional fire builder. Whether you are starting a cold stove, or reloading for the long burn, the automatic air control provides all the extra air to start the burning process, and then turns the stove down to your desired rate.


An attractive step top design, offering efficiency, low emissions and a maximum burn of 21 hours.

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