Kemlan Super Nova

Product Description

Kemlan Super Nova insert can be inserted into an existing fireplace or built into Hebel or masonry. Whether you are building a new home or renovating, the Super Nova will be an attractive focal point in your home. With a small to medium area heating capacity. It is fitted with a two speed fan for increased heat circulation. The compact design and close wall clearances enables simple installation with minimum floor space requirements. The Super Nova features a generous door opening to allow unobstructed viewing area for the fire. The deep firebox ensures that wood can be loaded easily for longer burn times.

  • A full convection heat shield system
  • A large glass viewing area and pre-heated air wash system maintains a clear, clean view of the flames
  • A 6mm welded steel firebox for strength and durability
  • Ceramic baffle plate
  • Firebrick lined base designed to keep the heat in the ash bed for longer burn times
  • Choice of colors Satin black, charcoal
  • Two speed fan standard
  • Australian made with a 10 year warranty

The Super Nova is a highly efficient fireplace that is popular in either modern or traditional finishes.

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