Environmental Benefit of Wood Burning

environmentalbenefits2Wood is a renewable, sustainable resource that looks after you and the planet. Burning wood in an efficient Jetmaster open fire or a Kemlan slow combustion wood heater produces efficient home heating energy.

Wood is a renewable resource. Carbon dioxide is created by burning wood in fireplaces, bush fires and decomposition and carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees when growing. Those growing trees then release oxygen into the atmosphere resulting in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Jetmaster supports the Firewood Association of Australia. Firewood merchants accredited by the F.A.A are able to supply sustainable dry fuel for use in efficient approved fireplaces. Use of sustainable dry fuel will not cause adverse air quality.


“In terms of limiting net greenhouse gas emissions, firewood is generally more favourable for domestic heating than other non-renewable fossil fuel sources of energy.”
Australian Greenhouse Office Life Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Domestic Woodheating

“One of the best ways to address climate change is to use more wood, not less. Wood is simply the most abundant, biodegradable and reusable material on the planet.”
Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, Washington Times

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