Heat & Glo I30 Series

Product Description

Convert your existing fireplac3 with the I30 series and enjoy clean, exceptional heat.

The I30 Series is the ultimate insert for your existing fireplace, featuring all the benefits of Balanced flue technology and efficient space heating with a stunning logset (Supreme I30) or pebbles or glass media (Cosmo I30).

The I30 is simple to install. Featuring dual flexi flues – one flue draws air from outside for combustion and the other flue expels the fumes. The I30 is completely airtight so absolutely no fumes will spill back into your room. Brilliant for your indoor air quality.

Choose from a range of décor finishing options including 3-sided and 4-sided stainless steel or black trims or a range of mantelpiece and fascia options. The I30 Series can be built in as a new fireplace application.

The 130 can be used in new homes or additions with light weight construction, for use in the home with the need for a brick chimney.


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