Heat & Glo 6X

Product Description

The new 6X gas fireplace is the largest size of the new X series from Heat & Glo, its deeper depth makes it ideal for larger size spaces, this impressive large heater offers high efficiency with the campfire log radiance of a traditional open fire. It draws 100% of its air from outside, not relying on oxygen from within the room. It features an impressive efficiency rating.  Its versatility and flexibility allow for easy installation in almost any style of finish.

  • Balanced flue technology for optimum indoor air quality
  • Top or rear venting options provide installation flexibility
  • Flue system with ability for horizontal travel in tight areas
  • Zero clearance provides ease of installation and cost savings
  • New high definition ceramic logs
  • Accent LED ember bed lighting
  • Internal black porcelain reflector set
  • 3 speed fan
  • Multi function remote provides temperature, flame height, fan speed control, LED lighting
  • Anti reflective front ceramic glass panel
  • Energy saving efficiency with the authenticity of a traditional fire
  • Now with 2 distinct stylish screen fronts
  • Standard front used for 100mm trim or mantel
  • Clean face front used where minimal heater presence is required
  • Gas input rate: up to 42mjH giving up to 9.5kw output

The 6X has also available the following option:

  • Available in Natural Gas & L.P.G. (L.P.G. versions can be easily converted to Natural Gas when available in your area)

The impressive 6X blends advanced technology, premium performance and a large viewing area.

A Heat & Glo is an impressive feature, offering installation ease and versatility.

Heat & Glo balanced flue fires are so easy to install, with straight out the back venting options, they’re ideal for multi-storey dwellings on an outside wall. Heat & Glo units can also be vented in a number of versatile vertical and horizontal flueing options. In fact you can vent Heat & Glo units horizontally with up to three 90 degree bends. Your fireplace can be virtually anywhere and any style.

Heat & Glo balanced flue fires – the healthiest way to heat your home.

Balanced flue technology
A completely sealed system, Heat & Glo balanced flue gas fireplaces draw 100% of combustion air from the outdoors and exhaust all combustion by products back outside, with no affect on indoor air quality. In addition, cold air drafts are eliminated and heat output is maximized.

IntelliFire Plus Ignition System
The Intellifire Plus remote will automatically lower flame heights and cycle the fire on and off in a thermostat mode, thereby reducing fuel consumption and running costs. Never again will you manually light a pilot or bend down to start your fireplace.

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